About to embark on a new journey

If you asked someone to give a list of the most stressful things they went through in their lives, odds are moving would be somewhere on that list.  People generally don’t like to move.  You have to pack up all of your stuff, find a new house, find a new job, etc. etc. etc.

So when I tell people that for the next two years, Beth and I will be taking three month travel assignments and moving all over the country, I usually get an answer something like, “You guys are crazy!”

Crazy or not, that’s exactly what we are planning on doing.  We sold our house in Davenport, Iowa and have exactly 18 days to get everything out.  Our plan is to move all of our stuff into the basement of Beth’s parents house in Whitman, MA.  Then we have the small matter of finding somewhere to live!

Since all of our stuff is going to be in storage at Beth’s parents house, our goal right now is to start our travel journey somewhere near Boston.  That way we can have access to our stuff as needed.  Right now the top candidate for a job is Derry, New Hampshire.  It’s only about an hour away from Whitman.  Hopefully we will find out soon if that will be our first stop.

On a different note, remember that stressful list I mentioned at the beginning?  Odds are the number one stressful job people would mention would be raising children.  Besides the whole traveling aspect, I will have a separate journey.  I am switching from working in an office full time to being a stay at home dad.

I’m sure both the traveling and the staying home with the kids will have their ups and downs.  I like to document things, so that’s why I started this blog.  It’s going to kind of be a combination traveling blog and funny/stressful/anything that comes to mind parenting blog too.  I hope you enjoy!

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