Packing has started, but no travel destination yet

The packing is underway!  Which is probably a good thing considering two weeks from today we are supposed to be out of the house.  Unfortunately we still don’t know where we are headed.  Our plan was to take a job in New Hampshire, but unfortunately we were a little late in getting in for that one and they hired somebody else.  So we are kind of back to square one in finding our first travel spot.

Boxes are fun! Sophie enjoys drawing on them and Sawyer enjoys crawling in them.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason there are not very many travel jobs on the East coast right now.  Lots in the South, Midwest, and West but very few in the North East.  So instead of heading toward Boston first, we have decided to put our name in for a job in Denver.  If we get that, we will probably go East with the second assignment.  But these things can change fairly quickly, so nothing is set in stone.  That is part of the fun!

Meanwhile, the packing continues.  To complicate matters even more, Beth and the kids flew to Boston for a week for her brother’s wedding.  So I’m taking this precious kid-free time to pack like crazy before I fly to Boston later this week.  Hopefully I will have the house fairly close to packed by the time I leave, because when we get back we will only have one week before it’s time to go.

Now we just need to figure out where we are going!

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