North Carolina Bound

Our first travel stop will be Durham, NC - home of Duke University.

We got two big things accomplished today.  First Beth accepted a job at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC.  I never really worried too much about finding a job.  But at the same time, we are going to be on the road in less than four days, so the fact that we didn’t have a travel destination in place made me a little uneasy.

But Beth’s new travel nurse company, American Mobile, came through and found us our first travel stop.  Neither Beth or I have spent much time in North Carolina.  So that is what attracted us to that area.  Our goal is to experience different parts of the country, so going somewhere like N C made sense.  Unfortunately, Durham is not near the ocean.  But it looks like there are plenty of nature things to do that will keep us occupied for a few months.

We start on May 14th, so we will have a couple of weeks to burn.  Our plan is to go to Boston with all of our stuff and unload it into Beth’s parents basement.  Then we should have about a week to make it to North Carolina.  It’s only about a 16 hour drive, but I’m sure we will be able to find something for us to do along the way.

The other big accomplishment of the day was we (with the help of some good friends) were able to get our ABF moving trailer pretty much loaded.  We still have some odds and ends in the house, but the majority of the stuff is ready to go.  We aren’t planning on leaving the area for a few more days, but the house is pretty much empty.  Now comes the fun task of cleaning!

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