Welcome to Canada? Uh oh.

This was the form that had to be filled out to "withdraw our application into Canada."

It only took one day away from home before the Kelley Family ended up outside the United States and classified as illegal aliens.

Did you know you need a passport to visit Canada?  We did.  So we had no intentions of crossing the boarder and visiting our friends to the North.  Unfortunately Beth and I accidentally crossed the Rainbow Bridge and found ourselves entering Canada with zero passports, zero birth certificates for the kids, and a paper temporary drivers license for Beth.  Needles to say, we raised some red flags with the Canadian government!

Luckily they said it happens all the time.  We had to go into some government building and fill out one small form and then they turned us around and sent us home.

It was the US government that gave us the hardest time.  We are lucky they didn’t have to search our car, because that would have been interesting since its packed with travel stuff!

All in all the only thing it cost us was about 45 minutes of time.  It was an honest, but stupid mistake.  At least it makes for a good story.  Oh… and Sophie and Sawyer can cross visiting Canada off their lists!


4 responses to “Welcome to Canada? Uh oh.

  1. Way to go, Kelley family!!

  2. What are you doing in Canada, Man? You didn’t have Fez in the back of the van did you? Hahaha

  3. Canada, eh?
    Did you at least get to see Niagara Falls while you were there?

  4. We saw the American side of the falls, but not Canadian. They made us turn right around and go back. Which stinks because it looked like all of the fun stuff was on the Canadian side.

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