Words of the day are sharks and traffic

The two words that sum up today best are sharks and traffic.  One of them was fun.  The other not so much.

We started the day off in Philadelphia and visited the Adventure Aquarium.  The kids had never been to an aquarium before, so we figured they would enjoy seeing all of the fish.  The Phili Aquarium was  advertised to be fifth largest aquarium in the country and one of the most interactive.  It turned out to be as good as advertised!

Unfortunately when you are going through with a one and three year old, you don’t get the opportunity to sit through many shows or spend much time reading.  But we were still able to do all of the highlights.

Sophie tried to muster up enough courage to touch a star fish, but she just couldn’t do it. You could also touch sharks and stingrays.

We left the aquarium at just after noon to head south toward North Carolina.  One good thing about the Northeast is that you can cover ground quickly.  We made it through Phili, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. in no time.  Unfortunately, just after we made it outside of DC, we hit traffic.  It was probably some of the worst traffic I’ve ever been in.

We ended up spending about two hours in bumper to bumper traffic.  I think we covered a total of about 10-15 miles.  A car accident combined with rush hour was to blame.  Luckily I was in the car by myself and Beth was the one who was stuck in the minivan with the kids!  🙂

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