Home sweet home (till August)

Sophie and Sawyer are sharing a room. Sophie is in a queen sized bed and Sawyer is in a toddler bed. Sophie has lots of room to spread out!

We finally got settled into our new home!  At least it will be our home until mid-August when we hit the road again.  It’s nice being able to spread out.

We are staying in a two bedroom apartment in the Colonial Grand Research Park in Durham, NC.  At first the thought of going from a house to a two bedroom apartment with kids sounds like a rough transition.  But luckily I think it will work out well.

The two bedroom apartment has almost as much square footage as the main level on our house.  We lost some of the toy area we had in our basement, but we gained some things that were lacking in our house in Davenport.  Dining room, pantry in the kitchen, an extra bathroom, and a deck are some of the new home features that we are enjoying.

We have made an extra effort to make this place feel as much like “home” as we can for the kids.  We brought a few personal items for each of them that we put in their room.  Plus we put some princess wall clings on Sophie’s side and sports balls on Sawyer’s side.

The first few days of each stop when you are travel nursing are spent getting settled in.  Lots of trips are made to WalMart to pick up random household stuff.  But so far we are enjoying our new home!

One response to “Home sweet home (till August)

  1. love that you decorated the kids’ bedroom!

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