Week 1 of “Mr Mom” is in the books

One nice surprise is the amount of parks in Durham.

My first week of being a stay at home dad is officially in the books.  I must say, I think everything went better than expected!  I thought this first week was going to be extra challenging because Sophie and Sawyer’s schedules were pretty messed up.  Being on the road for two weeks meant nap times were scattered or non-existent and bedtimes were different every night.

Luckily the kids have done extremely well at adjusting to their new home.  Besides getting back onto a schedule, we had the challenge of Sophie and Sawyer sharing a room.  Sophie sleeps like a rock, so thankfully Sawyer’s restlessness doesn’t bother her at all.

We had a pretty eventful week!  One thing we have discovered about Durham is there are a lot of parks.  We tried to venture out to a new park almost every day.  We also went to story time at a local library, visited some yard sales, found a local beach, and made half a dozen trips to Walmart.

Beth’s job is going really well.  She said the Cath lab at Duke Memorial Hospital is quite a bit different than Trinity, but it sounds like she will like the job just fine.  She will be working four 10-hour shifts per week, so that means we will have three days a week to find fun stuff to do around here.

On tap for tomorrow is a trip to one of the small towns along the coast to enjoy a beach day!


4 responses to “Week 1 of “Mr Mom” is in the books

  1. You better find some time to start researching for the next NFL season!! Dan and Tom!

  2. Nah…based on the passed two seasons, I think I should be good to go.

  3. I really enjoyed following your travels. What a journey and life experience for all of you! Even tho the kids are young, your blogging will enable them to relive these fun times — what a cool idea! And Chris, I have no doubt you’ll be a great stay-at-home dad 🙂

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