Things are certainly different

Sophie did really well climbing on the rocks at William Umstead State Park in Raleigh.

Beth and I did travel nursing for two years from 2005 till 2007. We had a great time exploring different parts of the country. We knew things would be different this time since we have the kids with us, but I’m not sure we realized how different it would be!

When we did this last time, Beth worked three 12-hour shifts per week. So that gave us four days to explore and do fun things. This time, Beth is working four 10-hour shifts. That means we already have one less day than last time.

Beth and I are both outdoors people. We love going to state parks and going hiking. Unfortunately Sawyer is a little too young to do much more than a basic hike, so we are fairly limited on where we can take him. So that is leaving us to do more beach/playground stuff instead of hiking/nature stuff we are use to. Don’t get me wrong – we are enjoying the things we are doing with the kids. They are just a little different than we are use to. We are still going to be exposing the kids to nature as much as we can. We would love for them to enjoy outdoors as much as we do when they grow up!

A couple of technology things have changed for the better. Facebook wasn’t around last time, so when we left our friends and family, we only had the occasional emails to keep us up-to-date on everything. Now we can keep tabs on everyone while we are away! Another big plus is GPS. We couldn’t stray too far away from our apartment last time without having an atlas or printed MapQuest map. Now I can get myself as lost as possible and then find my way home with a click of a button.

The last big “technology” thing that has helped us is Craig’s List. We have very limited space when we travel, so my plan was to fill in the gaps with purchases off Craig’s List. So far we have bought a toddler bed, glider, vacuum cleaner, microwave, and four patio chairs for about a total of $100. Hopefully we will be able to resell them our last week here, make our money back, and basically use them for free for three months!

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