Daddy School

Laptop computer, tablet, alphabet workbooks, crayons, and a lot of construction paper are the tools for Daddy School.

It’s not all fun and games here in Durham.  Five times a week I subject Sophie to Daddy School.  (Please hold all jokes till the end…)

Unfortunately Sophie has come to the end of her taking naps.  But Sawyer still sleeps for two to three hours per day.  So that gives Sophie and I some quality time to do things that we can’t really do when Sawyer is around.

Fun filled crafts, reading books, playing with Play-Doh, and some intense games of Candy Land can only fill so much time.  To fill the gaps I figured I’d start “Daddy School” and try and teach her letters, numbers, and other things that kids are expected to know when they get to Kindergarten.

I have absolutely no background in early childhood education, so I’m learning as I go myself.  But so far we are doing pretty well.  I try and focus on one letter each day.  With the help of a few alphabet work books, I have Sophie write the letter and then color in a few words that start with the letter.  Besides writing on paper, there are some apps on the tablet that I use that have some more writing help and pictures to color.  Finally is our fun game of walk around the apartment and see what you can find that starts with the letter.

One website that I recently started using that has a ton of information is ABC Mouse.  I saw the commercials on PBS.  It is a paid site, but it’s only $8 per month and they give a free month trial.  I’ve only used it a couple of times, but so far I like it a lot.  My little projects here can only go so far and this will help me get quite a bit more material.

Right now Daddy School is focusing on letters.  After that we will move on to numbers and I guess just keep going from there.  Since we are going to be moving every couple of months, it would be hard to have Sophie attend preschool.  So my hope is that though Daddy School I can keep her up to date on stuff she will need when she starts real school.


3 responses to “Daddy School

  1. you’re a pro! way to go!

  2. I really feel bad for your kids…..get ready for low ACT scores!! LOL

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