Durham Bulls and family vacation time

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park is a very nice stadium. They have the famous bull in left field that is supposed to move and blow smoke for home runs. Unfortunately we didn’t see any.

Tonight I got to do one of the things I was looking forward to doing in Durham – go to a Bulls baseball game.  Maybe it’s because the team was featured in the Kevin Costner movie, ‘Bull Durham.’  But it just seemed like a cool thing to do while we are in town.

The fact that Beth got free tickets from Duke for Cardiac Cath Lab night didn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately it’s hard to enjoy a baseball game with a one year old.  We spent all of one inning in our actual seats.  The rest of the time was spent walking around the ball park and exploring the kids area.  But it was still nice to see the park.  I think Sophie and I will come back by ourselves next time so we can actually watch the game.

The highlight of going to a baseball game for the kids is still the treats.

We ended up leaving in the sixth inning because Sawyer was ready for bed.  Plus we are getting up early tomorrow morning for a long day in the car.  We are headed to my parents house in Jamestown, TN.  Then the next day we will be in the car all day again headed to Branson, MO.  It’s time for our Kelley Family vacation!

We started doing family vacations in 2006 and have done one every two years.  2006 was Lake Tahoe, 2008 aCaribbean Cruise, 2010 was Colorado and 2012 is Branson.  A family vacation may not seem like the best time in the world to most people, but we always have a great time.  With one sister in Phoenix, one in Chicago, my parents in Tennessee, and our location currently up in the air it’s nice to plan these get togethers.

Even though we have only been gone a month, it will be nice to spend some time with family!


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