Having a great time in Branson

Unfortunately today is the last full day of vacation for us in Branson. But I think I can speak for the whole family when I say we’ve all had a great time!

The marquee thing to do in Branson is Silver Dollar City and we have spent a lot of time there. Its actually a perfect park for out family since we have so many little ones. They have lots of kiddie rides but they have some fun adult coasters too. The theme of the park is living in the 1800s, so they have all sorts of live crafts being made, stores to shop in, and lots of shows. We spent the better part of two days in Silver Dollar City.

Another big event of this trip was family picture day. We hired a photographer to get individual family photos and then a big, whole family photo. It’s hard with so many kids, but we managed to do pretty well. We should be getting the cd from the shoot pretty soon.

We are going to spend the better part of today on pontoon boat going around Table Rock Lake. I don’t get the chance to go on a boat very often, so I’m looking forward to it!

All in all its been a great trip and will be sad when its all over. The kids are having a really fun time playing with each other. They don’t get to play as a group very often, but luckily they play really well when they do. Tomorrow we are back on the road for a 10 hour drive to my parents house in Tennessee and then finish off the last 7 hours back to Durham on Sunday.

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