Another 2,000 miles in the books

Sawyer is zoned out to one of the many DVDs we play in the car. I hate to use the ol’ electronic babysitter, but it really does help fight the kids boredom.

After spending a fun-filled week with my family in Branson, we finally made it home last night.  It was a fun week, but it sure did take a lot of driving to get to Branson and back!

We added over 2,000 miles to our tally by driving to my parents house in Jamestown, TN then to Branson, MO and back.  That brings our trip total to 4,416 miles (not counting the everyday miles around Durham).

I must say I am pretty impressed with how well Sophie and Sawyer travel.  They are a couple of pro’s!  One thing that really comes in handy on the road to keep the kids entertained is the car DVD player.  Whether it’s Dora, Mickey Mouse, Land Before Time, or any of the other DVDs we cycle through while driving; they certainly help pass the time for the kids.

I don’t know how I survived so many road trips when I was a kid without movies.  I do remember my dad occasionally hooking up the old video camera up to a TV to play back some VHS tapes.  But that was nothing compared to what my kids get!

With us doing this much traveling, one thing I am very thankful for is that our kids travel well.  If they didn’t, there is no way we could do what we are doing!

(if you haven’t seen it, check out my travel map page.  It has the routes we have taken and the highlights of the trip)

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