Starting to think about next travel stop

Today marks the end of our sixth week in Durham.  When Beth signed the contract to work at Duke Memorial Hospital, the contract length was 13 weeks.  So we are almost half way done with our time here in North Carolina.  Three months can go by pretty quick!

The big question is where are we headed next.  We won’t start looking at jobs until we get to mid July because most hospitals only hire out about a month in advance.  Our last day here is August 18th, so we do still have a decent amount of time left.  But a lot of states can take a long time to process nursing license requests, that forces us to always be thinking where we are headed next.

One thing that helps is Compact States.  Iowa is part of a group of 24 states that all have an agreement that says if you are licensed in one state, you can basically work in any other.

Our original plan was to do North Carolina and then head to Texas.  Beth and I have never spent much time in Texas besides driving through the Panhandle.  Texas is one of the Compact States, so getting a license there would be easy.  But we are starting to think that it might be better to just visit Texas instead of stay for three months.

We are now thinking about heading to Florida next to spend September, November, and December.  The main draw would be to let our kids experience Disney, but I’m sure we could stay plenty busy.  Then we are thinking about heading West to spend the first part of 2013 in Phoenix.  My younger sister, Becky, and her family live there so it would be nice to see them for a while.

Florida is not Compact so that is forcing Beth to start the license procedure now.  Rumor is they take about a month to process license applications, so if we want to get started in late August we have to have everything submitted by late July.  That seems like a lot of time from now, but as I said early, time has a way of going by pretty fast!

3 responses to “Starting to think about next travel stop

  1. I vote for a stop in the quad cities lol

    • You got it! We are most likely going to be in the Quad Cities for about a week in between assignments. Most likely Aug 20-26 but not 100% sure yet. Can’t wait to see everyone again!


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