Jordan Lake and Durham Museum of Life and Science

This was our private beach. It wasn’t much, but it suited our purpose.

We’ve had a couple of fun days here in Durham!  Yesterday we took the kids to Jordan Lake Recreational Area.  It is about a half hour south and its a huge lake with lots of areas to explore.

They had a couple of designated swimming areas, but there were lots of nooks along the water where people were doing their own swimming.  So we found a little nook of our own.  It was a little rocky, but the kids had fun splashing in the water and playing in the sand.  One thing we have learned on this trip is our kids love sand!  We will definitely have to get a sand box wherever we end up.

Sawyer wanted to pet the dinosaur. We came up a little short.

Today the temperature was supposed to be in the mid-90s, so we figured an indoor museum would be a good idea.  We have heard good things about the Durham Museum of Life and Science, so we decided to give it a shot.

Unfortunately lots of the exhibits were outside, so we didn’t escape the heat like we planned.  But it was a really neat place!  They had a lot of animal exhibits, a dinosaur trail, butterfly house, remote control sail boats, and a ton of other stuff inside.  The kids had a blast!

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