Spending the fall in the “Sunshine State”

Fort Pierce is the thumbnail. It’s about 2 hours from Disney, 2 hours from Miami, and 3 hours from Tampa.

The Traveling Kelley’s are headed to Florida!  Today Beth accepted a job at the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce, FL.  It looked like Florida might not work out for us, but luckily this job came up earlier this week and we quickly applied for it.

It’s still not exactly what we were looking for.  We wanted a job that put us really close to Walt Disney World.  I wanted to spend our days off taking the kids to Disney.  We still can take day trips, but Ft. Pierce is almost two hours away from Disney.  So we probably won’t be able to go as often as I anticipated.

One big draw to Ft. Pierce is that it is right on the coast.  It’s just north of Port St. Lucie, so there should be enough city activities to keep the kids and I busy.  But even better is that it is a beach town!  Lately both kids have really enjoyed playing in sand, so now we can hit the beach whenever we want.

We are in the process of evaluating our living options.  Normally we just take the furnished company apartment, but this position has a high housing stipend.  So we are looking into finding our own place and then pocketing the money left over.

Beth’s contract starts on September 3rd and runs to December 1st.  We will likely extend the contract a couple of weeks to get us closer to Christmas.  Then take a few weeks off before we hit the road again.

We are very excited to go to Florida again and also very excited that the stress of finding a new job is over (at least for a while).

One response to “Spending the fall in the “Sunshine State”

  1. So glad this one worked out!! Looks like the Putnams need to get their butts out to Florida!!!!!!!!

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