“Catastrophic failure” means extra stress during our last week

The two cars that we have with us on our travels are old cars.  One is a 2002 Toyota Corolla and the other is a 2005 Kia Sedona mini-van.  Beth and I have always bought used cars.  When you buy used, you are going to have some mechanical issues.  I totally understand it comes with the territory.  Unfortunately we have a little more than mechanical issues going on with our van.

It started last Friday night when Beth was driving home from work.  As she was pulling into our apartment complex the van died.  She made it into a parking space, but there was steam coming from under the hood.  We got the car to a mechanic on Saturday to see what the problem was.

After looking at the van, they called me and started the conversation off with a “catastrophic failure” of the engine coolant.  Oh oh.  He went on to say that the engine failed bad enough that we need a new engine.

But we have a warranty!  When we bought the car through LuJacks we got the best warranty they had – one that covered pretty much everything.  The only thing that could go wrong was if the engine coolant hose fell under the few things that the policy didn’t cover.

Well, our warranty company sent out a claims adjuster today to look at the van and low and behold, they found a reason NOT to cover it.  The metal pipe that the engine coolant flows through rusted out.  That’s what caused the engine to fail and since the warranty doesn’t cover any rusted parts, they will not be covering the engine.

So now Beth and I have a choice.  We can pay about $4,000 to have a used engine put in our 2005 Kia.  Or we can bite the bullet and buy a new car.  Of course we still owe money on the Kia since we’ve only owned it for two years, so finding a loan that will take on both the Kia and a new car might be tricky.

So besides the stress of packing up and moving cross country again, we now have to worry about finding a new car and getting all of that sorted out in the next few days.  Nothing like a little car trouble to ruin your day (or your week)!

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