Great week in the Quad Cities recharges our batteries before FL

Sophie and Sawyer getting ready to hear Happy Birthday.

I know it sounds weird, but one of the best parts about travel nursing is going home to visit.  Even though we have only been gone for about three months, all of us really missed home.  We have spent the past week and a half in the Quad Cities visiting old friends and family.

First I want to say a great big thanks to the Putnam family for housing us for our whole visit!  They made sure we felt at home in their house and we had a great time spending the week with them.  Melanie and Jason are probably the two biggest board game people we know, so we enjoyed a lot of games while we were there.

The highlight of our visit home was a birthday party for Sophie and Sawyer.  Both of their birthdays are not until late September, but we figured it would be a good excuse to get together with friends while we were in town.  We rented a shelter out at West Lake County Park in Davenport, which turned out to be a perfect spot.  We played some games, broke a pinata, had some food, and just had a good time.

Reese Daniel, Sophie, and Sawyer had fun playing on the swingset over at Brett and Megan Daniel’s house.

Beth and I also made a point to go in and see our previous jobs.  I don’t know about her, but I had a great time having dinner and visiting with the folks from LinguiSystems.

Sophie and Sawyer loved seeing their old friends again.  I know I’ve commented on it before, but the hardest part of being on the road is being away from everyone.  So we need times like these.

Right now we are visiting my mom and dad in Tennessee before we make the 15 hour drive to Florida.  Beth starts work next Tuesday and we will be there until close to Christmas.  I’m not sure when the next time we will be able to go home to the Quad Cities, so I’m glad we got a good mini-vacation in while we could.

One response to “Great week in the Quad Cities recharges our batteries before FL

  1. What a wonderful time you all had visiting friends and also having two birthday parties!!!! Great photo’s once again!!!!!!! Travel safely. Let me know when you arrive in Fort Pierce, Florida. Grammie Stanton. Love to All!!
    Damon and his family are in New Hampshire camping at Yogi Bear Campground til sunday.

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