Getting settled in our collage apartment in Fort Pierce

We made it to Fort Pierce around lunch time on Saturday of last week.  Since then we have been very busy accumulating furniture for our new apartment.

We are doing something a little different with our assignment in Florida.  Normally we take the furnished company housing.  They always provide nice stuff and it’s easier than finding (and moving) all of the necessary furniture ourselves.  But this time, the travel company that we are using offered an  unusually high housing stipend.  In other words, they give you x amount of dollars for housing.  Whatever you don’t spend, you get to keep.

Arranging our own housing wasn’t too hard.  Since we are only here a few months, the need for a short term lease eliminated a lot of our options.  But luckily we still had a few places available.  We were then able to complete all of the move-in paperwork via email.

The only hassle that was left was arranging for furniture.  We had two options – rent furniture from a Rent-A-Center type place or buy the furniture ourselves.  This is where Craig’s List has come in handy again.  We could have rented all of the furniture we needed for about $450 per month.  Instead we decided to buy all of our furniture from Craig’s List.  In the end we spent about $450, but now we own it.  Hopefully we will be able to resell most of it when we are done and make most of our money back.

It has taken the better part of a week to find everything that we need.  Plus we had to rent a U-haul to get some of the bigger stuff back to our apartment.  But we are finally done with furniture.  Sure, the majority of the furniture is used.  But our $25 couch and love seat is just as comfy as the new furniture we would have gotten.  Plus we don’t have to be as concerned when the kids spill food!

One side effect of buying used furniture from Craig’s List is that not a whole lot of our stuff matches.  It is very similar to living in a collage apartment.  So that’s why I say we are finally settled in our collage apartment in Fort Pierce.


One response to “Getting settled in our collage apartment in Fort Pierce

  1. You’re quite remarkable. Boy when it comes traveling, packing or purchasing I surely know where to go for advice. Take a deep breath and enjoy your new surroundings with each other. Love Grammie Stanton xoxoxoxoxoxoxox I mailed out your mail today(thursday at 3pm)

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