Having fun adjusting to our new home

Craft time is still very much part of our schedule. The more I introduce crafts, the more excited Sophie gets about them.

There are a lot of things in our new Florida home that are very similar to North Carolina.  We still have a two bedroom apartment, so we have everything basically laid out the same.  My daily routine with the kids is still the same – breakfast, park/errands, lunch, naps, craft/school time, dinner.  I guess it’s good to keep things as close to normal as possible for Sophie and Sawyer.

But there are some changes with this assignment.  The biggest change is Beth’s work schedule.  When we took this job, we took it under the assumption that Beth was going to work three 12-hour shifts per week.  That makes for really long days but it also gives her four days off per week.  But on the second day of work she found out that everyone in the Cath Lab works five eight hour shifts.

At first we weren’t sure how we thought about Beth’s new schedule.  But if she goes in at 6am and works an eight hour shift, that means she is done with work between 2:00 and 2:30pm.  She is use to coming home around 6:30pm, so needless to say, Beth is enjoying being off earlier than normal.

Since Beth is going to be starting school again in early October, she decided that the five eights will work better for her than three 12-hour shifts.  So it was a welcome change.

Our other big change is being on the first floor.  I know I joked about noise issues in North Carolina, but it really was a pain to try and keep the kids quiet.  It was unfortunate they couldn’t run around very much because of the noise issues.  Luckily we don’t have to worry about that here.  Obviously we still need to keep noise under control, but the kids can run around as much as they want.  They have been enjoying that freedom.

I am proud to say we have been here for almost two weeks and haven’t had any noise complaints!

4 responses to “Having fun adjusting to our new home

  1. Great News!
    All around great news. The kids can run around. Beth is getting an enjoyable new shift. You are quite active with the children. I like the look of your new kitchen dining room table.
    Grammie Sing

  2. I meant to say that September is/was a busy month for the stanton’s. Katie’s birthday 9/4/84, Richards birthday 9/8/42. Jackie’s birthday 9/14/79, Sophia’s birthday 9/20/2007, Sawyer 9/27/2010.
    August is just as full. Anyone to add to these months. Claire’s baby due October ?/2012. Phew
    Love Grammie S

  3. Sophia, your butterfly art work looks GREAT!!!!!! I like your shirt! Good Girl!!
    Hi Sawyer!!!!! You handsome boy!

  4. I love following your family adventures…if I were younger, I’d love to try something like that 🙂 What irreplaceable experiences you are providing Sophia and Sawyer (and they don’t even realize it 🙂 So glad all is working out, again! Thanks for sharing!

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