Day 2 in the Magic Kingdom

Beth texted me at about 10:30am and said that she was finishing up work.  One good thing about being a travel nurse is you are guaranteed your hours.  In other words, if you only end up working four hours you are still paid for eight.  Hard to beat that!

Since Beth was done working so early, we figured why not make another trip to the Magic Kingdom!  Here are some of the highlights from day 2.

Both days we have gone we have gotten there right before their “Dream come True” parade.  This time we managed to get a really good seat!


Sophie was very shy the first time we met Mickey and Minnie.  She wanted to meet them again so she could get a picture taken with them and so she could get their autograph.


Sophie’s birthday is this week so the Magic Kingdom gave her a special birthday badge.  Practically every character and cast member we bumped into throughout the day then wished Sophie a happy birthday.

At the end of the day somebody asked her if she had an extra special birthday and she said YES.

Sawyer’s birthday is next week so we will get his birthday button on the next trip.


After submitting Sawyer to the lines of meeting Disney Princesses, we figured he would probably like meeting somebody a little more “boy” oriented.  He was pretty nervous, but did okay.


We have been meeting lots of characters, but we’ve also been hitting the rides.  Dumbo is probably the most iconic ride at Disney (and one of the most popular).

We still have a few rides that we haven’t had a chance on going on yet, but we are slowly getting to all of them.  I think Sophie’s favorite is “It’s a Small World,” and Sawyer’s was “Buzz Lightyear’s Ranger Spin.”


It wouldn’t be a Disney trip if you didn’t get caught in a short rain storm!

This one got us right when we were about to board a car ride, so we had to run a ways before we found shelter.

One response to “Day 2 in the Magic Kingdom

  1. Just fantastic experiences!!!!!! I especially like the getting out of the rain one!
    I love sophia’s girraffe shorts and shirt. Sawyers having a blast!!!! Love Singing Grammie

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