Enjoyed a cheap day trip to Miami for museum and baseball

Sophie and Sawyer experimenting with electricity.

A couple of weeks ago one of the “deal” websites that I visit on a regular basis was promoting a free day at museums all across the country courtesy of the Smithsonian Museums.  There aren’t really any cool museums near us in Fort Pierce, so that made me look a little further.  I eventually settled on the Miami Science Museum.

Miami is only about two hours south, so I figured we could do a nice day trip.  Sophie and Sawyer both really like kids museums, but I was a little worried this museum was going to be a little too much over their heads.  Luckily they had a lot of stuff geared towards kids, so they still had a great time.

The only bad thing was I wasn’t the only one who saw the free day.  The museum was swamped with people.  So that took a little away from our experience.  But we saw pretty much everything and even got a free planetarium show, so it was well worth the trip.

Sophie loves going to baseball games. I’d like to think it was to see the baseball, but it’s really for the treats.

Since we were going to be in Miami anyway, I wanted to try and see a Miami Marlins baseball game.  The Marlins are well out of playoff contention, but I always enjoy seeing baseball stadiums.  Plus the Marlins stadium is brand new.  So I checked out StubHub.com too see what tickets were going for and I found lots of options for about a buck a ticket.  After paying taxes and fees, the total bill was about $13.00.  Hard to beat that!

So after going to the museum for free and getting free baseball tickets, we managed to have a nice day trip to Miami without spending too much money!

2 responses to “Enjoyed a cheap day trip to Miami for museum and baseball


    Chris,you truly do find the great deals! I’m happy for you and your family in having a great time in Miami!!!!!Love Singing Grammie

  2. Chris, you need to write a book on travel for families!

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