Sawyer’s growing vocabulary is helping the kids

Sophie and Sawyer are playing much better then they have in the past and are becoming good friends.

Sawyer just turned two years old last week, but the past couple of weeks he has grown up a lot.

The average child hits a vocabulary explosion at 18 months.  Something inside them clicks and they are able to learn new words at a much faster rate than ever before.  Sawyer hit his vocabulary explosion a little late, but he is certainly in full swing.

It’s amazing to see how far he has come the past few weeks.  One good side effect of his increased vocabulary is the kids are starting to play better.  It’s no longer just playing next to each other, but they are now able to play with each other.

Another positive side effect of increased vocabulary is he seems like he is throwing less tantrums.  The ability to convey what he wants means he gets less frustrated.

But while the tantrums are less in frequency, I think they have grown in intensity.  “MINE!” and “NO!” are two of the words that Sawyer has mastered.  If he doesn’t get what he wants or has trouble explaining to me what he wants, he gets really angry really quick.  Hopefully with improved vocabulary and communication skills, we can cut the tantrums down even more.

It’s nice that the kids are getting to the point where they can play by themselves.  One thing we kind of have to sacrifice while we live on the road is seeing friends on a regular basis.  Hopefully Sophie and Sawyer can become good enough friends to minimize that as much as we can.

One response to “Sawyer’s growing vocabulary is helping the kids


    Oh Chris, I so hear ya. Travis and Drew(more so Drew) went through that exact same stage. I got lots of free gray hair from it. He truly since school Kindergarten has started for him he is a new person. No slamming doors or temper tantrums or screaming. Travis is a milder/grounded/calmer personality. I’m happy his vocabulary is helping improve his disposition. He’s just being normal and 2.

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