Airport lunch with the Daniel’s and another trip to Magic Kingdom

Sophie, Sawyer, Reese, and Avery run into Hello Kitty at the Orlando International Airport.

We don’t get a chance to visit with friends very often, so when the opportunity presents itself we have to take advantage.  When our good friends, the Daniel family, said they had a few hours to kill at the Orlando airport, we decided to make the two hour drive and say hello.

Unfortunately Beth had to be on call all day, so it was just the kids and myself.  Brett, Megan, Avery, and Reese had just finished a week long Disney cruise.  It sounds like they had an awesome time!

We found a nice quiet place in the airport to catch up.  Then we grabbed some quick lunch at the food court.  After a couple of hours, they had to get through security and the kids and I headed to Magic Kingdom.

I figured since we spent the time and gas to get to Orlando, why not attempt Disney.  This was the first time I took the kids without Beth, so I wasn’t sure how long we would stay.  But the kids did really well.  Sawyer got a quick cat nap right before dinner, so we ended up staying until about 10pm.

Sophie and Sawyer with Cinderella. The first time we met the princesses, Sawyer wasn’t interested in posing with them. He really enjoyed it this time. He’s turning into quite a ladies man.

We managed to hit a couple of the rides that we haven’t gone on yet.  Sophie really liked the Flight of Peter Pan.  A lot of the rides still scare her, but I think she is getting braver as we go along.

We finished off the night with another viewing of the light parade and fireworks.  It was a late night, but both kids fell asleep shortly after we left.  All in all, not too bad for my first attempt at Disney by myself.

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