Sophie is learning some new skills

Sophia and her ballet teacher, Miss Lydia.

Sophia is four years old, so normally she would be attending some kind of preschool.  We might try and find an actual preschool at our next stop, but for now we are just going to get her into some activities.

I think Sophia is ahead of where she needs to be from an academic standpoint.  She’s good at letters and numbers and we are working on the sounds.  But what I think she really misses out on is the interaction with other kids and the structure of school.  Daddy school helps a little with school structure, but we decided to get her involved in a couple of activities to get her more interaction with other kids.

She has gone to ballet class three times and seems to really enjoy it.  The class is called “Creative Movements” and is designed for kids who are three or four.  They learn some really basic dance moves as well as learn to follow directions.  She enjoys pretending to be a sunflower and blowing in the wind!

Soccer has not really been a favorite of Sophie’s, but she still has a few more classes left.

We also got her involved in a soccer class.  If you ask her, she’ll tell you she doesn’t really like it.  But I think she does.  So far it’s more running around and drills than actual soccer.  She has two more practices left, so we’ll see what she says in a couple of weeks.  If she doesn’t like it I’m sure we will try basketball, tee ball, or something else.  At this point we are more interested in the interacting with other adults and kids than actually learning the skills.


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