Stuck inside thanks to Hurricane Sandy

One of the risks of living in Florida from September to December is hurricanes.  We are almost to the end of hurricane season and so far we haven’t seen any.  But that changed this week with Hurricane Sandy.

Right now Sandy is a couple hundred miles off shore and is not going to hit Florida.  Even though we won’t be directly hit, we are feeling the effects.  We have wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and are getting some pretty hard rain on and off.

Unfortunately that means the kids and I are stuck inside for a couple of days.  The rain started yesterday, will stay all day today, and then should start to subside tomorrow.  Frankly if I’m going to be stuck inside due to a hurricane, I’d rather it actually come closer to hitting.  At least it would be a cooler experience!

It looks like Sandy is heading straight towards the Northeast part of the United States.  So family and friends in the Boston area might be in trouble in a few days.

The kids are already a little stir crazy from being inside so long.  Purhaps we will have to brave a trip to the mall or somethign like that.  We lost power about an hour ago, but while I was typing this it came back on.  Hopefully we don’t lose power for a long stretch of time, because that would make being trapped inside even worse!

One response to “Stuck inside thanks to Hurricane Sandy


    Hurricanes can carry personalities all their own. For you and your family, I’m glad the worst is pretty much over and that no harm came to your family. At the moment, it seems that we won’t be getting hit as bad as was expected. Thank Heavens. We’ll see.
    Love Mom(Grammie S)

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