Happy Halloween from Fort Pierce!

Sawyer showing off his pirate sword and Sophie with her fairy wand.

Happy Halloween from Fort Pierce!  Even though it is just now starting to feel like Fall, we have been enjoying Halloween down here in Florida.

We had to make the switch from shorts to jeans this week when the temperatures suddenly change from 80’s to upper 60’s.  But Fall is my favorite time of year, so it was a welcome change as far as I am concerned!

Sophie and Sawyer have been having fun with Halloween.  We made our own craft pumpkins last week.  Then this week we went to a pumpkin patch in Port St. Lucie where the kids took turns picking their own pumpkins out.  They had bounce houses, face painters, and food available.

Our pumpkin patch was a field of pumpkins where the kids went in age groups to choose their pumpkins.

We also went to a Fall Festival to go trick-or-treating.  Sawyer got dressed up as a scary pirate.  Sophie is a rainbow fairy.

Our first round of trick-or-treating was basically down a row of vendors at the fair, but the kids had fun.  Tonight we are going to find a nice neighborhood to let the kids go door-to-door.  Unfortunately our apartment complex is not in a residential section, so we don’t really have anything near us.  But I’m sure we will find some candy somewhere tonight!



One response to “Happy Halloween from Fort Pierce!


    These five photo’s are great! Beth , you look like you’re wearing a sombrero for a hat :). Sawyer, as a little pirate is just perfefct and Sophia is the perfect rainbow princess. Sophia, I love the pumpkins on the table. They’re perfect for the holidays. An adorable picture of Sawyer holding the sweet little pumpkin and Sophia holding the great big pumpkin. Love the pumpking shirt!!!!!
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! I love you all
    Love Grammie

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