Down to our last two weeks in Fort Pierce

Two weeks from now our cars will be packed to the top and we will once again be on the move.  It seems like we just got here, but our time in Fort Pierce is almost over.

The plan was to stay here until the week before Christmas, but Beth’s hospital is so slow right now they wouldn’t extend her contract.  In fact, she hasn’t worked a full 40 hour week since we got here.  That has been great since she is balancing work and school.  But her hospital doesn’t need as much help as they thought they would, so they were not interested in extending her contract.

We have a pretty crazy December ahead.  For starters, in the coming two weeks we need to get rid of all of our furniture.  We bought pretty much all of it off Craigslist, so the goal is to resell everything for what we paid for it.  Whatever we don’t sell will end up being donated to Goodwill.

Normally we would leave here and go directly to our next travel stop.  But the holidays throws a wrench into that plan.  So we are planning on leaving here Dec. 1st and going to Orlando for about a week.  Then we are driving to Tennessee to stay with my parents.  Then flying to Boston to spend a week with Beth’s family.  Finally spending Christmas and New Years back with my parents in Tennessee.

So, where is our travel nursing adventure taking us next?  That is still to be determined.  Our hope is to go to the Phoenix area so we can spend some time around my sister and her family, but that might not be as easy as we thought.  Beth has talked to the companies that she works with and they don’t currently have any jobs near Phoenix.  It is still early to be looking for January jobs, but we will try to have something locked in within the next couple of weeks.

One response to “Down to our last two weeks in Fort Pierce


    I realy like the photo of the two children sitting on rocks and watching the water! Love Grammie S.

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