Having fun enjoying our resort in Orlando

Sophie and Sawyer painted some Christmas ornaments.

Sophie and Sawyer painted some Christmas ornaments.

Over the weekend we packed up our lives and hit the road again.  Luckily this time we didn’t have to go too far.  We still have about a month before we will start our new travel assignment, so we are killing time in Orlando, Boston, and Tennessee.

Our temporary home is the Summer Bay Resort in Orlando.  We got here Saturday afternoon and have been having a really good time.  There are all sorts of planned activities that the kids have been enjoying.  Normally when you go to a place like this, you are too busy with vacation stuff to enjoy the little things that the resort has to offer.  We are planning on going to Disney a few times later in the week, but for now we are staying here and are having a great time!

famly santaIt was a busy day.  Sophia painted a ceramic piggy bank, made a Christmas ornament, decorated some cookies, made some slime, and even managed to meet Santa Claus.  Sawyer did some of the activities, but some of them were only for older kids.

Yesterday we ventured into Downtown Orlando to Lake Eola Park for a Christmas parade.  Hopefully we will find some more fun events this week!

We are staying in Orlando until early next week.  Then the travel really begins.  We will have a 12-hour drive to Tennessee followed the next day with a flight to Boston.  So we are trying to relax while we can!


2 responses to “Having fun enjoying our resort in Orlando


    Outstanding! Yay Santa Claus!
    Chris would you email me your parents address? I’ll send the mail there. That way, it can get there before you get & leave your parents house and after you leave our house. Take a deep breath and enjoy your time in Orlandl.Love Grammie S.


    The children look so sweet in these photo’s with Santa. Sophia’s hair is getting long and lovely. Sawyer looks so grown up.
    I love the NOEL gingerbread house.
    I love the FACEPAINTING Sophia is wearing. Is that your own christmas tree in the background of Sophia? I like it! YUUUUUM, those cookies look great Sawyer!!!!!!! Very Pretty Christmas Ornaments!!!!!
    Love Grammie S.. See You Real Soon!!!!!!

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