Farewell to Florida

Sophie and Sawyer had fun dancing with Pluto and Goofy at Club Tinsel.

Sophie and Sawyer had fun dancing with Pluto and Goofy at Club Tinsel.

Early tomorrow morning we will start an 11 hour drive to my parents house in Tennessee.  As usual, our time here in Florida zoomed by really quick!

We have spent the last week in Orlando splitting our time between the resort and finishing up Disney.  One of the biggest reasons we wanted to do Disney right now is to enjoy all of the holiday things that Disney offers.

On Tuesday we made our last trip to Epcot.  Every year they have a special Candlelight Processional where a large chorus and orchestra play music while a celebrity narrator tells the story of Christmas.  Our narrator was Andy Garcia.  I always enjoy hearing Christmas music, so hearing a full orchestra play it was really fun.

We spent Wednesday at Hollywood Studios.  Their big Christmas show is a lights show called The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  You know those videos you see online of people syncing their outdoor Christmas lights to music?  That’s what this was, but on a really big scale.

Thursday was our last trip to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  Sophie was really excited because we told her that Mickey invited us to a special Christmas party.  The party went from 7pm till midnight, so I wasn’t sure how long we would stay.  But we ended up staying until about 11:20pm.  They had some special stage shows, dance parties with the characters, Christmas parade, and a different version of their evening fireworks show.  It was a great night!

Sawyer and Beth are shocked by how many gators there are.

Sawyer and Beth are shocked by how many gators there are.

Yesterday we took the kids to Gatorland.  You can’t come to Florida and not see some alligators!  Unfortunately since it’s cool outside, the alligators don’t move much.  I think our kids are spoiled being entertained by Disney, because once they saw a few alligators it was all the same for them.

Florida has been really fun, but we are ready for our next stop on the traveling tour.  As of now we still don’t know where that stop will be.  We are still crossing our fingers that something will come up in Arizona.  But we only have about another week before we have to start looking elsewhere.

christmas magic kingdompeterpanSAM_2383

2 responses to “Farewell to Florida

  1. You’re making memories to last a lifetime! Lucky you, lucky kids:) Wishing you well in your next adventure. Can’t wait to read about it! Travel safely all!


    Wow! What a great variety of photo’s. Goofy and gator’s and castles and gator’s and Santa and gator’s and Peter Pan and Wendy and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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