Adventures in Boston

Drew, Sophia, Sawyer, and Travis painting their Christmas trees.

Drew, Sophia, Sawyer, and Travis painting their Christmas trees.

We just got back from a week visiting Grammie and Grampie Stanton in Boston.  We don’t normally get to visit very often, so we generally try and fit a lot in while we are there.

Sophia and Sawyer had a really great time playing with their cousins, Travis and Drew.  Uncle Damon made some Christmas trees for everyone to decorate.  Plus Sophie even got to attend a basketball game that Travis played in.

The highlight of the trip was the Bergdoll Family Christmas party.  Beth’s parents hosted the party.  Beth’s family throws good Christmas parties that are full of fun activities, festive hats, and holiday singing.

Yesterday we hired a photographer and had some family pictures taken at a park in Whitman.  The temperature was a little chilly, and Sawyer wasn’t exactly a model child, but I’m sure we got a few keepers.  Hopefully we get the results in the next couple of days.

Sawyer killing some time watching the planes come and go at Logan.

Sawyer killing some time watching the planes come and go at Logan.  The kids actually did pretty well considering how long of a day they had.

Today was an adventure getting home.  Our plane was supposed to leave Logan at 11:30am.  But after about a dozen or so delays, we finally boarded at about 4:00pm.  Then we sat on the runway for an hour while the pilots “completed their paperwork.”  Finally after a three hour flight followed by a two hour drive home from the airport, we made it back to Grandma and Grandpa Kelley’s house in Tennessee.

Needless to say we are looking forward to a couple of down days before we hit the road again later this week to drive to Missouri for a Kelley Christmas party.

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    Holy Moly! That was some ordeal flying to Tennessee! Thank Heavens you’ve arrived and have some down time with your family for the rest of the Holidays. We/I can’t say enough about how extremely wonderfully helpful you both were towards making the Bergdoll Christmas Party a Smashing Success! Preparing the whole house, I couldn’t have done it without both of you and Damon’s new Rug and Jackies help and Paul’s Shuttle Transportation. I’m deeply grateful. Sophia and Sawyer were just wonderful and handsome and beautiful and intelligent and Travis and Drew never stopped playing with them. I Think it was great that they all got along and enjoyed each others company. I do hope that the time with just the 3 siblings and their spouse dinner out was fun? Our Treat! (and no little ones)! I’m also pleased that we were able to take in the LaSallette Shrine Lights Show. I’m anxious to see the photo shoot also. Be Well and Take a Deep Breath! Congratulations on your new Job Beth! Love Mom/Grammie Stanton

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