We have 25 new roommates

sawyer_antsOne thing Sawyer has always been fascinated with is ants.  He loves them!  When we are walking down a sidewalk, I don’t think anything will make him stop in his tracks more than an ant hill.

Santa Claus must have been paying attention, because he gave Sawyer an ant farm for Christmas this year.  We got it out and ordered the ants last week.  Then, after much anticipation, our package of ants arrived.  So we have 25 new roommates!  Actually, it’s only 24 because one of them didn’t survive the trip.  😦

The ants have only been in their new home for about 15 hours, but they have been very busy.  From what I’ve read, ants can sometimes take a couple of days before they start digging.  Ours started digging within 20 minutes.

The ants have already dug five small tunnels.  Two separate tunnel systems.

The ants have already dug five small tunnels. Two separate tunnel systems.

Unfortunately the lifespan of an average ant is only 1-3 months.  But when all of our ants eventually kick the bucket, we can either order more ants or find our own outside.  The farm can be used by two batches before it has to be replaced (or be retired to a nightlight.)

Both Sophie and Sawyer are really enjoying watching the ants.  I must admit, it is pretty fascinating for me to watch too!

2 responses to “We have 25 new roommates


    Wow! What a Treat for Sawyer!!!!!!!! Yeah for Santa!!!! Enjoy Sawyer and Sophia!!!!!!
    Love xoxoxoxoxox

    Grammie S.

  2. You are really awesome parents.

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