Lottery results are in

A few months ago we submitted Sophie’s name into a kindergarten lottery at South Shore Charter School near Boston.  Since her birthday is in September, she misses the cutoff for nearly every kindergarten that starts this fall.  South Shore Charter is the only kindergarten near Beth’s parents that would start her.

Unfortunately, Sophia’s name didn’t get drawn.  She is in the 60s on the waiting list, so starting kindergarten this fall is most likely not going to happen.  We are debating a couple of different options at this point.

One option is to home school her for kindergarten.  We feel she is academically and physically ready for kindergarten even though her birthday falls 20 days short of the cutoff.  So we could homeschool her this year and then start her off in first grade next fall.

Another potential option is to try and get her to test into kindergarten at one of the public schools in Boston.  I have heard of kindergarten testing, but I don’t know if all schools do it.

The last option is to simply let her start kindergarten next year like her age says she should.  The benefit to this option is we could try to enroll her in a charter school again.  But then she still has to wait another year and a half before she starts real school.  That seems like a long time.

I’m not sure which way we are going to go.  With a September 20th birthday, she will either be one of the oldest or youngest kids in her class.  I think arguments can probably be made for both sides on which one is better.


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