We get to have Beth back!

Yesterday we got some very good news.  Beth passed her final class in her bachelors degree program  which means she is officially done with school.  That means I get my wife back and the kids get their mom back!

Beth had been talking about going back to school for a while.  Ideally she would have done it before we ever had kids, but for whatever reason it wasn’t something that she did.  When we finish traveling, we are planning on going to Boston and getting “real” jobs.  It will be expensive to live in the Boston area, so having her bachelors degree will be important to open up some of the higher paying jobs.

Balancing work and school wasn’t too hard for her while we were in Florida, but it has been a much different story here.  She has worked over time every week so that didn’t leave much time for school – let alone kids, a social life, or any free time.

Beth plowed through it and completed her one year program in less than six months.  I got to see first hand how hard it was and I am very proud that she sacrificed her time for our family.

In other news, we have extended our time in Phoenix by at least one month.  As crazy as it sounds, our time here was supposed to be over in two weeks.  But we extended at least through the month of April.  Hopefully we will be able to extend all the way to the end of May.

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