It’s potty time!

IMG_1436Potty seat?  Check.  Lots of juice?  Check.  Spot Shot Stain Cleaner?  Check.  It must be potty time!

I can’t say I’ve really been looking forward to this task.  Sure, the positive of not having to change any more diapers would be nice.  Plus there is the whole cost savings aspect of it.  But potty training can be tough, and I hear it can be especially tough for boys.

There are all sorts of potty training methods out there.  We are currently using the naked time method with a potty seat in the living room.  Sophie is very into it, so that’s good.  She made a sticker chart for Sawyer and every time he gets up from his potty seat, she reminds him to sit back down.

We don’t have a whole lot going on the next few days, so we probably won’t stray too far from the house.  My goal was to have him potty trained before summer camp in June.  But I also know that sometimes it takes a couple of attempts before kids get it, so we’ll see how it goes.  Wish us luck!

4 responses to “It’s potty time!

  1. The Putnams in enter naked potty training!!! Lol. It works. ;). Good luck!!!! I don’t miss those days.

  2. Good luck! Should be a fun week! Sounds like Sophia will be a huge help!! LOL

  3. Barbara M. Stanton

    The naked method is Great! It works! I used to read/tell stories, give liquids, just spend relaxed time with the kids on the seat and lots of KUDO when success arrives!!!!!!!!!! Have faith! They eventually get the hang of it. This will happen before he’s 20:)!!!!!
    Love Grammie S

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