Looking forward to our next adventures

This was taken at camp shortly after Beth and I started dating.

This was taken at camp shortly after Beth and I started dating.

One week from tomorrow we will be leaving Arizona and starting our long drive East.  We are planning on doing some sight seeing in Colorado and Utah on our way to the Quad Cities.  Then we will spend about two weeks having some much needed fun with friends and family.  It will be great for the kids (and us) to be able to see their friends again!

After our time in the Quad Cities, we will be driving to Boston for a couple of days.  Then we will start our next adventure at a summer camp in Connecticut.  Beth and I can’t wait!

Most people already know the story, but Beth and I met at a summer camp called Camp Awosting back in 1998.  We started dating the following summer and then went back for one last time in 2000.  Beth spent a total of six summers at Awosting, spending most of her time as the camp babysitter.  I spent three summers split between being the journalism counselor and working on the ball field.

We had our wedding on the waterfront of Camp Awosting in August of 2004.

We had our wedding on the waterfront of Camp Awosting in August of 2004.

Beth and I even returned to camp in 2004 to get married.  We invited our friends and family to spend a whole weekend with us at camp.  We had a softball game, opened the climbing tower, had a bonfire, and enjoyed some of the other normal camp activities.

Needless to say, we have really fond memories of camp.  Without a doubt, the three summers I spent at Awosting were the best summers of my life.  Camp is such a unique experience and we have always dreamed of going back.  Luckily our travel nursing lifestyle has given us an opportunity to do it again.

This time things will be quite a bit different.  Instead of Awosting, we are going to be at their sister camp, Camp Chinqueka.  Plus we won’t be normal counselors.  Beth is going to be the camp nurse and I will be the camp driver.  Instead of being in our early 20’s and just being there to have a good time, this time it’s all about the kids.  Our main reason for going is to let Sophie and Sawyer enjoy the camp life.  Sophia is going to attend a day camp during the week days.  Then she will spend the nights and weekends with the girls at Chinqueka.

Sawyer will be able to explore camp and do all of the activities.  He will have a babysitter follow him around to keep an eye on him.  We actually met Katie, our babysitter, via Skype earlier this week.  We had a great chat and the kids really enjoyed meeting her.  Hopefully our kids didn’t scare her too much, because they tend to get a little crazy during Skype sessions!

I think the two months at camp will be a nice break for all of us.  It will be nice for Beth to get a break from being a staff nurse.  It will be nice for me to get a break  from being with the kids all the time.  And it will be nice for the kids to get a break from me!

2 responses to “Looking forward to our next adventures

  1. Barbara M. Stanton

    Wow! Sounds like a well oiled plan! Be safe, drive safe and enjoy your visit with your numerous! friends! See you all soon!
    Love Grammie S.

  2. Barbara M. Stanton

    Great memories of your wonderful wedding day photo!

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