Cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park

mesa verdeWe are in the middle of our five day, 1,700 mile journey from Phoenix to the Quad Cities.  When we originally drove to Phoenix, we did the whole drive in three days without really doing any sightseeing.  Since we have a few weeks before we need to be in Connecticut, we figured it would be fun to see some sights on our way East.

Up first was Mesa Verde National Park in Southwest Colorado.  Mesa Verde is huge collection of Pueblo Indian cliff dwellings.  When I say huge, I mean there are over 600 dwellings in the park.  You can only see a handful of the dwellings as you drive along the road, but the ones you can see are pretty spectacular.

IMG_1627We took a guided tour of Cliff Palace.  It was a collection of more than 200 rooms and believe to be kind of a gathering spot for the thousands of Indians who lived in the area.  The Indians lived in these dwellings for about 700 years, between the years of 600-1300.

After our guided tour, we drove around and saw a couple of the small ruin sights.  We knew we had to get in about three hours of driving time after we left, so we didn’t hang around much longer than mid-afternoon.

Sophie stamping her National Parks Passport book.

Sophie stamping her National Parks Passport book.

Right now we are in Moab, Utah and on tap for tomorrow is Arches National Park.  The short drive from Cortez to Moab was really pretty.  I am looking forward to seeing the unique rock formations tomorrow at Arches!

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