Happy 4th of July, Plus Day Off Fun

Sophia and Katie all set to go to Awosting for the social.

Sophia and Katie all set to go to Awosting for the social.

Happy 4th of July from Sunny Camp Chinqueka! Actually, it’s the fifth of July, but who’s keeping track? We have finished up another fun and busy week here at camp. One of the common themes of this week has been humidity. The last two or three days have been horribly hot!

The heat didn’t stop us from having a good 4th of July. The July 4th BBQ between camps Awosting and Chinqueka is always one of the highlights of the summer. All of the girls were bussed over to Awosting for dinner and then a big social. Prior to the trip, the girls were given lots of patriotic accessories. Of course Sophia and Sawyer gobbled them up too.

Neither Sophia or Sawyer have really done a whole lot of dancing at the socials. I think the music is too loud and there are too many kids. Instead of dancing, they both enjoy just walking around and socializing. They are both getting to be quite the social butterflies!

kent fallsToday was our day off. I thought about taking the family to New York City for the day, but I didn’t think it would be very fun with the heat. Instead we opted to stay close to camp and visit a place called Kent Falls State Park. It’s really nothing more than a big waterfall, but due to the amount of rain we have gotten the past couple of weeks the water was flowing pretty strong. The kids got in and swam a bit, but after an hour or so we moved on.

row boatAfter a nice lunch out and some shopping, we headed back to Chinqueka. Then we decided to cool off and head to the waterfront. I took out a kayak while Beth and the kids hopped in a row boat. It was nice finally getting to utilize the lake!

Today marks the last day of the first session. It’s hard to believe camp is already a quarter done. This past session has been pretty light in attendance, but that will change on Sunday. It sounds like we are going to be at full capacity for the next month. That should make for an interesting couple of weeks!



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