Relaxing at Grandma & Grandpa’s house before we head West

3...2...1...LAUNCH!  Sawyer had fun launching a couple of rockets.

3…2…1…LAUNCH! Sawyer had fun launching a couple of rockets.

Since summer camp is all over, we are back to our crazy traveling life.  This past week we drove to Boston and spent a day at Beth’s parents house.  We had a nice campfire at her brother, Damon’s, house.  Then the next morning we loaded up our two cars, said goodbye to her family, and started South.

It was a 19 hour drive from Boston to Jamestown, TN which we split up into two days.  Now we are Grandma and Grandpa Kelley’s house for a few days before we head West to our new home in Denver.

Our family enjoys spending time outdoors and my parents house has a lot of neat places to explore.  Yesterday we went and saw two very different waterfalls.  The first one was called Yahoo Falls.  It is the tallest waterfall in the state of Kentucky with the water falling 113 feet.  The second waterfall is called Cumberland Falls.  It is nicknamed “Little Niagara” due to the size and shape of the fall.

Family photo at "Little Niagara" falls in Kentucky.

Family photo at “Little Niagara” falls in Kentucky.

We have a few more days of relaxing before we have to move on.  Then the craziness will start up again.  Beth starts work next Tuesday.  Between now and then we have to drive 19 hours, unpack all of our stuff, and then start the task of buying furniture.

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