Getting settled in Denver

Sawyer enjoying a pony ride at the Thornton Harvest Fest.

Sawyer enjoying a pony ride at the Thornton Harvest Fest.

We have now been in Denver for one full week, and I am glad to say we are pretty much settled.  The first few days of every new assignment are always pretty rough.  For starters, we are usually fresh off of a multi-day road trip.  This time it was about 19 hours from Tennessee to Colorado.

Instead of having some relaxing time after multiple days of driving, we have to first unpack everything.  Then we have to spend a lot of time obtaining furniture.  Using CraigsList, Goodwills, and yard sales this week we have bought a recliner, couch, tv stand, kitchen table with chairs, microwave, outdoor patio furniture, king bed, twin bed, couple of book cases, desk, couple of end tables, and a variety of toys for the kids along the way.

Granted, we bring it all on ourselves when we decide to skip taking the furnished company housing.  Finding our own apartment and furnishing it ourselves is a good way to make a little extra money.  But, I am glad to say we are mostly done with the unpacking and furniture buying.  We only have a few things left.

We have a really nice apartment in Denver.  There is a good selection of shops and restaurants within walking distance.  Plus a very big city park is only about a 15 minute walk.  I think we are going to really like where we live.

This morning we went to Harvest Fest in Thornton.  It was a great festival with lots of crafts, food, and fun stuff for the kids to do.  It was nice because all of the activities were free.  The kids enjoyed pony rides, bounce houses, train rides and more.

One response to “Getting settled in Denver

  1. So glad you made it across country safe and sound. Oh to be young again
    and have all your energy. These are days you will look back on with great
    memories. Keep us informed of your antics.

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