Happy birthday Sophia & Sawyer!

sophia_cakeWithin the past week we have celebrated both Sophia and Sawyer’s birthdays.  I think both kids really enjoyed their birthdays, but it was disappointing not being able to throw a normal birthday party with our friends.  Last year we did a joint birthday party for them while we were back in the Quad Cities, but this year the timing didn’t work out.  So we tried to do a few special things to make up for it.

Sophia had (surprise, surprise) a princess theme for her party.  We had lots of Disney Princess decorations waiting for Sophie when she woke up.  Plus a big tiara for the “birthday princess.”  Unfortunately, Beth had to work most of Sophie’s birthday.  So we all went for a special birthday lunch and met Beth at work for a picnic.  One thing Sophia really wanted to do for her birthday was go to Chuck E. Cheese, so we went there and enjoyed some pizza and games.  We finished the day off with some cake and ice cream at home.

rocketSawyer was looking forward to one thing on his birthday – a rocket ship.  In the weeks leading up to his birthday, all he could talk about was rocket ships.  So we tried to do a rocket/space theme for his birthday.  They don’t make as many rocket decorations as they do sports, pirates, and other boy themes, but we manged to find a few.  Sawyer got his wish and got a variety of space rockets.  We went to a fun kids carnival called Lollypop Park.  It had tons of kiddie rides.  Then we went out for dinner.  Unfortunately we had to delay the cake and ice cream one day, because we got home really late.  Luckily Sawyer didn’t notice!

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