Happy Thanksgiving!

45CHappy Thanksgiving from Denver, Colorado!  The turkey is officially in the oven and the rest of the food is on schedule.  We are getting ready for our big Thanksgiving Day feast later on today.

We are trying our best to make it seem like a normal Thanksgiving, but to me Thanksgiving Day has always been about family.  I have a cousin that lives here in Denver, and he is coming over to eat with us.  But the rest of both of our families are thousands of miles away, so it won’t be quite the same.  Nevertheless, we are going to celebrate as best as we can!

Normally Thanksgiving Day is also when we plan out all of our Black Friday shopping.  Beth and I will be leaving tonight and will be up all night, but it won’t be for shopping.  Tonight we are headed to California!

Here’s the deal – we are looking at doing our next travel assignment in California.  In order to get your nursing license, they make you get your fingerprints checked.  Beth sent away for her fingerprint cards weeks ago, but they never came.  She called last week to see what the hold-up was and she was told that they are currently backlogged.  The processing time was going to be 1-2 months.

We are looking to start in California in January, so we don’t have that much time to wait.  The only other alternative is to get your fingerprints done in-person at the police station.  They can do an electronic scan that takes 1-2 weeks to process.  But, the catch is, they have to be done at a California police station between Mondays and Fridays during normal business hours.

So with the lack of a better option, Beth and I are hopping in the car tonight and driving 12 hours to California.  Then she will get her fingerprints done, we will turn around, and drive 12 hours back home to Denver.  It’s not really how I envisioned spending my Black Friday, but it needs to be done.

So think of us while you are out and about shopping tomorrow.  We will have already been in the car for a long time and we will have a long ways to go.  Nothing like spending 24 hours in the car with my wife!

2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy thanks giving and good luck with your quest.Where in California will you be heading for in January?

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