Denver Zoo and visiting Santa Claus

The new Elephant Passage at the Denver Zoo was pretty cool

The new Elephant Passage at the Denver Zoo was pretty cool

We are coming to the end of our time here in Denver, so we are trying to squeeze in a few things that were missed.  One thing that has been on our to-do list is visit the Denver Zoo.

We got a nice surprise last week when Katie’s mom told us via Skype that she bought the whole family tickets to the zoo as a way of saying thanks for taking care of her daughter.  It was a much appreciated gift, and perfect timing!

The weather was a little chilly, so the animals weren’t as active as they might have been during the summer.  But we still managed to see almost all of the animals.  I think the highlight of the zoo is their new elephant exhibit.  Earlier this year, the zoo opened up their brand new, $50 million elephant passage.

Zoos are usually a lot of walking, so the kids tend to get tired before we can see everything.  It was still a good trip and definitely one of the things we needed to see before we left.

santaLast night we checked another important event off of our list – the yearly trip to see Santa Claus.  I’ve always heard good things about going to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop, and I’m happy to say they didn’t disappoint.  We went on a Monday night thinking that they wouldn’t be very busy, and we were right.  Sophie and Sawyer walked right up to Santa without any kind of wait.

A few years ago, neither Sophia or Sawyer did very well on Santa’s lap.  In fact, Sophia won a “best Santa picture” contest when she was one for her screaming picture.  But I’m glad to say they both did great this year, and they both told Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Sophia wants a Furby and Sawyer wants a rocket ship.

Sawyer enjoyed controlling the Christmas train at the Bass Pro Shop.

Sawyer enjoyed controlling the Christmas train at the Bass Pro Shop.

The Bass Pro Shop had all sorts of extras too – crafts, rides, toy train, and slot car races.  It was nice being there with so few people, because they were able to go around and try everything without worrying about waiting.

One of the downfalls of traveling during the holidays is we don’t really get to decorate very much.  Sometimes we miss out on the Christmas feel that most houses have around the holidays.  There are more Christmas events coming up over the next couple of weeks, so hopefully we will keep up the Christmas spirit!



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