Busy couple of weeks left as we say goodbye to Katie

Despite his face in this picture, Sawyer really did enjoy the Disney on Ice.

Despite his face in this picture, Sawyer really did enjoy the Disney on Ice.

Yesterday was a sad day for the Kelley household, because we had to say goodbye to Katie.  She flew back to London to spend the holidays with her friends and family.  She has been with us since early September, plus a few months before that.  Hopefully she will she will be able to come back again in January to stay with us at our next stop.

The temperatures in Denver have been in the single digits (or lower) for over a week now, but that hasn’t stopped us from keeping busy!  Disney on Ice was in town last weekend, and the ticket prices were pretty reasonable, so we took the kids.  I’m glad we did, because both Sophia and Sawyer loved it!  It’s been a year now since we left Disney so I’m sure they both enjoyed a small taste of it again.

ballet sophieSaturday was Sophie’s ballet recital.  She has been practicing for it for weeks.  I think she was the best in her class, but I’m probably a little biased.  She really knew the routine well.  Her biggest problem was rushing through everything.  Hopefully at our next stop we can get her into dance again, because I think she really enjoyed it.

Speaking of our next stop, we still don’t know where we are headed next.  We are hoping to go to California, specifically the Los Angeles area.  Beth and I spent a few months there in 2006 and really liked it.  We aren’t looking to start our next assignment until mid-January, so we are just now starting to look for positions.

With only two weeks left in Denver, now starts my least favorite part of travel nursing.  We always save money by purchasing all of our furniture used off of Craigslist.  Now comes the task of selling it all back.  The money we save is worth the hassle, but it is still a pain in the butt!


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