Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Kelley’s

Sawyer got a drum set from Santa.  Nice photo bomb Becky!

Sawyer got a drum set from Santa. Nice photo bomb Becky!

We have had a merry Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Kelley’s house in Tennessee!  Santa Claus managed to find us and the kids made out pretty well as usual.

Sophia and Sawyer have enjoyed playing with all of their cousins.  Since we all live in different parts of the country, we don’t get a chance to get together very often.  Most of the kids are at a good age where they play together well, so that typically means a pretty rowdy day.

A trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s wouldn’t be complete without going on some sort of hike.  They live in a part of Tennessee that has all sorts of trails.  But this year, they discovered a really cool arch that is only about a mile away from their property.  We also enjoyed shooting a couple of rockets.  Sawyer is still really into “rocket ships” so he enjoyed that a lot!

This arch is located on a mile or two away from my parents house.

This arch is located only a mile or two away from my parents house.

Tonight Beth and I leave for a seven day Eastern Caribbean cruise.  Our 10-year anniversary is in August, and we were planning on doing a vacation then to celebrate.  But with us going back to summer camp, and Sophia starting school, we figured it would be a tough time to get away.  I found a good deal on a cruise, and we happen to have plenty of time to do it right now, so we decided to take advantage of it.

My parents are watching the kids for us and Beth and I leave tonight to drive to Ft. Lauderdale.  It will be nice to get away and relax for a little while, but we still don’t have a new job.  Beth has applied for two jobs in the Houston area and one in Tampa Bay.  Hopefully, one of those leads will produce a job.  It costs a decent amount to use your cell phone on a cruise ship, but at least it is an option.  Hopefully we should have a job by the time we get home.

Happy New Year!

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