About me

My name is Chris and I am about to embark on quite a journey.  Sure, my wife and I sold our house and are planning a cross country move.  But that’s not the journey I’m talking about.  The journey I’m talking about is much scarier than moving.  I am about to become a stay at home dad.  Yikes!

At first the idea of taking off of work and watching the kids full time sounded like a great idea.  No more stress and hassles of working!  It will be like a permanent weekend!  But the more I thought about it, the stress and hassles of staying at home with kids full time will probably trump anything I ever faced at work.

Besides the staying at home with the kids part, Beth and I are going to be doing some traveling.  Basically every three months we are going to pack up all of our stuff and move to a different part of the country.  Our plan is to see and do as much as we can in the next two years before we “settle down” and the kids start school.

So come along for the journey!  Sophie (3 years old) and Sawyer (1 year old) and I will do our best to entertain ourselves and try to stay out of trouble while Beth makes all of the money.  I’ll do my best to document the fun times, the stressful times, and everything in between.


2 responses to “About me

  1. Barbara M. Stanton

    Chris, I was just going thru all the photo’s that are on PICS FROM THE ROAD. They are outstanding. What a great catalogue you have. Everyone is awesome. Thank You for bringing me into you travels. Singing Grammie

  2. I love this site, such a great thing you’re doing and it’s really nice for us that you’ve included Katie in your family, she is going to miss you all very much!

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